Our purpose
Our purpose is to build long lasting relationships with partners and customers that are based on mutual trust, while always offering high quality products in the best possible prices.

Interelka Ltd is a member of Elka S.A. group and has been operating in Greece since 2011.
Interelka is the exclusive distributor of a range of croissants, potato chips and extruded snacks produced by Elka, while it also distributes Elka branded canned tuna, sardines, branded candies and candy toys.


The company’s sales network covers super markets, mini markets, kiosks, wholesalers, gas stations, stadiums, coffee shops and other types of retail outlets.

Interelka is committed to providing consumers with high quality products at the right price.

Interelka Ltd started operating in Athens, Greece in 2011.

Since launch, it has been growing consistently through continuous investment in scaled infrastructure, innovative technology and passionate people.
While always focusing on quality, the company has developed an ever-growing product portfolio that aims to service consumers’ ever-changing needs in the most effective way.
As a result, Interelka has succeeded to become a truly innovative and fully integrated distribution network that covers most of the Greek market.

A few words about Elka S.A.

1993 - Founded in 1993 to import and distribute international brands in Albania, ELKA S.A. currently boasts a distribution network that spans across Greece, FYROM and Kosovo.
2007 - Since 2007 ELKA S.A has been producing and marketing its own award winning croissants brands Belino and Daily across 26 markets.
2011 - Interelka was founded in Greece, based in Koropi Attikis.
2016 - Elka S.A. invested in two new state of the art production units specialising in corn puffs and potato chips and entered the savoury snacks category with the successful launch of Replay brand.


State of the art production units, certified with ISO and IFS.
Quality control systems, monitoring the entire supply chain from production to consumption, that ensure the highest quality of manufacturing processes and products.
We only use top quality raw materials.


New products and product categories that cover the needs of different market.
Continuous expansion in new markets.
Investment in state of the art infrastructure and technology.


25 years of experience in the international consumers goods market.
Long and stable relationships with suppliers and customers.
Economic growth, with increasing turnover, even during challenging times for the global economy.
Investment in human resource and increased staff count vs 2016.


The “International Star for Leadership in Quality” in Business Initiative Directions QC100 Conference (Paris 2011).


The “Platinum Century International Quality ERA Award” for commitment to Quality and Excellence at the International Quality Convention (Geneva 2013).


The “European Quality Award” for the high quality of its products in accordance with the European standards, at the International Socrates Awards (Montreux 2014).